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These gummies are made with pure Beef Gelatin,
very high in protein, fat free, and very
tasty. You will enjoy every piece of candy
without any guilt of having to treat yourself.

The "Sweet Cherry & Sour Berry Gummies"
are only here for a very limited time!!!

Get your's today, before it'll be gone forever!
A promise that it'll never ever return, which will be guaranteed to be kept!
Sorry, but a good change is happening here!

Constant change is happening at Zoey's Tasty Treats.
We are working our best towards providing maximumized healthy treats,
full of vitamins and nutrients, that if consumed will do your body 100% good,
with no: preservatives, bad or high sugars, chemicals, artificial flavorings or colors.

With either it be with gummy candy or dried fruits,
every product will be natural and healthy.

Everything is changing to 100% pure goodness, and will be that way forever!

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